Day33: Dee’s Wedding Day

Undangan Dian-David

Today’s the Day! Dee-David Day! Yaayyy…

They’ve been with each other since forever, since I landed in Bandung, about 10 years ago (pheeewww!). No words can say about their relationship. All I (or we, me & mbak Dhenok) know, it’s such a relief that finally they ended with each other in wedding matrimony. Congrats for Dian & David!

Me & Dian, neighbor indekost

ex-TubIs Depan 75 & family

Dee’s chose a very fine & traditional yet chic for this wedding reception. Joglo @ Kemang. I never knew that there’s such place like this. Its so Javanese, and the food also represent the culture. Sego Liwet, Mie Jawa, Cendol, Kupat Sayur, mix fruit, jajanan pasar, etc. It feels so homey.

Wedding Hall

Pendopo di luar, isinya booth makanan

Area Penerima Tamu

Area makan untuk tamu

Roro Blonyo in the Corner

Wedding Singer, meskipun kental adat Jawa,tapi lagunya pop akustik lho!

I love this place!

And also these…

Souvenir. Apa yaaa isinya?

Cokelat dari La Cokelat

Happy Marriage, Dian-David! May you always be happily ever after!


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